Senvol Services


Senvol Services helps companies fully leverage the opportunities and benefits that additive manufacturing (i.e. 3D printing) can provide by conducting quantifiable analytics. With a focus on the business implications of adopting additive manufacturing, Senvol Services’ core expertise lies in analyzing and quantifying how the implementation of additive manufacturing can increase business profit.

Below are a few examples of Senvol Services’ previous project engagements:

  • Cost analyses (using the Senvol Algorithm) for a Fortune 500 oil & gas manufacturer to determine which of its parts can be more cost-effectively made using AM vs. the status quo
  • Market sizing for a materials science company that was considering the possibility of developing new AM materials. Senvol quantified the size of the market (and its expected growth) in order to determine whether the material science company’s R&D spend to develop the new materials would be justified
  • Supply chain analysis for a government agency to quantify what, if any, its country’s competitive advantage is with respect to AM production
  • Market research for a publicly-traded AM machine manufacturer to determine which of its customer segments will yield the highest levels of profitability

In addition to analytics-focused projects, Senvol Services also offers other ancillary services, such as managing AM pilot programs, conducting customer discovery interviews, strategizing for future iterations of the technology, and training company executives and employees.

Senvol Algorithm

As part of its offering, Senvol Services uses its proprietary algorithm to determine which parts can be more cost-effectively made using AM versus the status quo. Senvol’s algorithm analyzes the entire supply chain and factors in secondary costs such as inventory, downtime, and shipping.

Click here and here to view video presentations, or click here to download three case studies.

Senvol Network

Senvol has an expansive network and is connected to virtually all major industry stakeholders. This network includes AM hardware manufacturers, service bureaus, materials providers, academic institutions engaged in AM research, government organizations, government research laboratories, other industry thought leaders, AM investment firms, and press outlets that regularly cover AM. Companies that engage with Senvol Services are afforded access to this network.


In addition to Senvol Services, Senvol also provides various products, such as the Senvol Database, Senvol API and Senvol Indexes.