Senvol Indexes

Pedigreed Additive Manufacturing Data Sets

Senvol Indexes provide instantaneous access to additive manufacturing data sets that would otherwise take months to develop. All for a fraction of the price.

Senvol Indexes are data sets for additive manufacturing material characterization. All Senvol Indexes include:

  • Test Specimen Properties: Material properties of test specimens that were made on a specific additive manufacturing machine
  • Process Parameters: Values of the process parameters that were used to achieve those material properties
  • Feedstock Properties: Properties of the specific feedstock used

Click here to see the cover page of an example Senvol Index.

The specific tests conducted and quantity of specimens tested for each Senvol Index vary. All Senvol Indexes typically include various mechanical, fatigue, thermal, and physical property test results. Examples include:

  • Tensile (ASTM E8)
  • High Cycle Fatigue (ASTM E466)
  • Coefficient of Thermal Expansion (ASTM E831)
  • Chemistry (Various)
  • Compression (ASTM E9)
  • Density (ASTM B311)
  • Hardness (ASTM E18)
  • Metallographic (ASTM E112/E3)

All Senvol Indexes leverage Senvol’s industry-leading expertise in additive manufacturing data to ensure that results are:

  • Traceable: The entire process (including setup, parameters, build, and testing procedures) is fully documented
  • Statistically Significant: The number of specimens generated and tests conducted provide statistically significant data
  • Standards-Conforming: All work (where applicable) strictly adheres to relevant industry standards (e.g. ASTM)
  • High-Fidelity: Senvol exclusively uses certified and accredited facilities (e.g. AS9100, NADCAP, A2LA)
  • Neutral: Senvol develops all Senvol Indexes entirely on its own accord with no involvement from machine or material OEMs

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