Senvol API

Access to the Senvol Database raw data

Are you developing additive manufacturing-related software?

If so, the Senvol API is indispensable. The Senvol API allows you to incorporate the data and structure of the Senvol Database into your company’s software. The Senvol API provides you with the service of keeping your additive manufacturing database complete and up-to-date.

Benefits of licensing the Senvol API include:

  • Access to the raw data from the Senvol Database
  • The ability to use or manipulate the data structure to meet your company’s needs
  • Automatic updates to the data anytime a new machine or material is added to the Senvol Database

Common uses include:

    • Companies that develop additive manufacturing-related software:

The Senvol API enables you to improve functionality and create new features for your additive manufacturing-related software or platform. Whether you want to offer your users a “material finder”, or power your back-end vendor sign-up form, the Senvol API serves as the backbone upon which additional functionality can be built.

    • Companies that want to analyze additive manufacturing machine and material data:

The Senvol API provides access to the raw data within the Senvol Database for companies that want to run more robust analyses on this data. Whether you are an end-user looking to create Ashby plots, or a material or machine supplier looking to compare your offerings against your competitors’ latest offerings, the Senvol API provides you with the data that you need.

The Senvol API now makes it easier than ever to access complete, up-to-date data on industrial additive manufacturing machines and materials.

Below are some example integrations of the Senvol API:

Granta MI additive manufacturing materials management software.
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e-Xstream engineering (Hexagon) 10X ICME software.
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Defense Logistics Agency additive manufacturing part candidate tool.
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U.S. Air Force materials research software.
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Bassetti TEEXMA for Additive product lifecycle software.
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KEX technology monitoring platform.
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