Senvol Invited to Present ML Approach on Allowables to MMPDS

Posted By Senvol on Sep 21, 2022

Denver, CO – September 21, 2022 – Senvol Presidents Annie Wang and Zach Simkin, at the invitation of Battelle, presented at the 40th MMPDS General Coordination Committee meeting earlier today. Wang and Simkin provided a brief on Senvol’s recently completed program, funded by the U.S. Army, that demonstrated a machine learning (ML) approach to material allowables development.

Metallic Materials Properties Development and Standardization (MMPDS) is the primary source of statistically-based design allowable properties for metallic materials and fasteners used in many different commercial and military aerospace applications around the world. MMPDS is produced in partnership with government, industry and educational professionals experienced in the application and use of statistically-based properties. MMPDS is recognized by certifying agencies within their limitations: including the FAA, DoD and NASA.

Battelle has held the function of Secretariat for MMPDS since 1954 and serves as an impartial data reviewer.

Wang commented, “We very much appreciate Battelle inviting us to brief the MMPDS group today. Although more research is needed, a machine learning approach to material allowables development holds a tremendous amount of promise. MMPDS are key stakeholders when it comes to material allowables, and so we are pleased to liaise with this group and discuss our successful demonstrations to date.”

To learn more about MMPDS, please visit its website.

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