Senvol Presents with Northrop Grumman at RAPID + TCT on Machine Learning for Process Parameter Optimization

Posted By Senvol on May 18, 2022

Detroit, MI – May 18, 2022 – Senvol President Zach Simkin spoke earlier today at the annual RAPID + TCT Conference alongside Tayelor McKay, Principal Additive Manufacturing Engineer at Northrop Grumman. Their presentation, titled “Improved Process Parameter Optimization Using Machine Learning,” focused on the technical results of an America Makes program that recently completed. The program was focused on demonstrating a machine learning-enabled approach to process parameter development. The project team (Senvol, Northrop Grumman, WSU-NIAR, Stratasys Direct Manufacturing, and Pilgrim Consulting) demonstrated in a side-by-side comparison that a ML-enabled approach to process parameter development was substantially more accurate and sophisticated than a traditional approach. The program utilized Senvol’s additive manufacturing (AM) machine learning software, Senvol ML.

In the program, there were 219,856 different possible parameter combinations to choose from. The project team used a ML approach to optimally select which parameter sets to use to best achieve multiple different performance requirements. In parallel, Northrop Grumman’s design team attempted to select optimal parameters for each performance requirement without using a ML approach. I.e. Northrop Grumman was used as a control group to demonstrate a traditional parameter development and selection approach vs. the ML approach.

The project culminated in a validation build, where it was demonstrated that the ML-enabled approach successfully selected parameter sets that met all performance requirements, whereas the traditional approach led to the selection of parameter sets that failed to meet the performance requirements.

In sum, this presentation explained how the machine learning approach is different from traditional approaches, detailed the technical results of this program, and walked the audience through the steps that a user can take to rapidly find optimal parameters while minimizing data generation time and costs.

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