The Additive Report Magazine Focuses on Senvol’s Machine Learning Software

Posted By Senvol on Feb 20, 2020

Elgin, IL – February 20, 2020 – The Additive Report , which is a magazine published by FMA Communications that focuses on the use of additive manufacturing (AM) technology in the real world of manufacturing, published an article that highlights Senvol’s machine learning software for AM.

The article, titled “The additive manufacturing industry embraces AI,” focuses on the Senvol ML software and how “it works for any type of additive machine, any material, and any process—be it metal alloy on a powder bed fusion printer or a polymer filament on an extrusion machine.”

The Additive Report’s Writer Holly B. Martin writes:

“With [the] Senvol ML software, AM data resides in one of four modules: process parameters, process signatures, material properties, and mechanical performance. The software is powered by algorithms that quantify the relationships among the four modules.”

Senvol President Zach Simkin quotes, “Our software analyzes the relationships between inputs and outputs, but it is entirely up to the user to define those inputs and outputs. So, for example, it can analyze how process-parameter data impacts material properties or how feedstock characteristics affect mechanical performance.”

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