Cover Story in Metal Powder Report: Senvol’s Machine Learning Software for Additive Manufacturing

Posted By Senvol on Jul 1, 2019

New York, NY – July 1, 2019 – Metal Powder Report , which is an international magazine published by Elsevier and the powder metallurgy industry’s most authoritative voice, published a Special Feature article on Senvol’s machine learning software for additive manufacturing (AM).

The article, titled “The Importance of Big Data,” focuses on the Senvol ML software and how a “data-driven approach to additive manufacturing (AM) is the way forward to revolutionize this new technology.”

Metal Powder Report’s News and Features Editor Liz Nickels writes:

“The company [Senvol] has also developed machine learning (ML) software, Senvol ML, that helps companies characterize or quality AM materials and processes and develop better substantiated material properties – thus reducing the need for conventional material characterization and testing.”

Nickels continues: “Senvol’s software utilizes what the company calls a data collection protocol to recommend what data, specifically, to generate. By leveraging past data and its machine learning algorithms, the Senvol ML software can help users get the answers that they need with a relatively low amount of data generation required.”

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The article regarding Senvol can be found in Volume 74, Issue 4, July–August 2019, Pages 181-183. To request access to the full journal article, click here.

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