Metal AM Magazine Feature Story: Senvol’s Machine Learning Software

Posted By Senvol on Apr 1, 2019

Shrewsbury, United Kingdom – April 1, 2019 – Metal AM Magazine, which is a leading source for industry news and information on all aspects of metal additive manufacturing, recently published an article titled “Senvol: How machine learning is helping the U.S. Navy optimize AM process parameters and material performance.”

The article discusses Senvol’s data-driven machine learning approach to additive manufacturing (AM) and explores several case studies where its software – Senvol ML – was used to analyze the U.S. Navy’s AM data. The case studies and analyses covered include (i) determining the correct process parameters to achieve a target material property; (ii) predicting material properties and mechanical performance from process parameters; (iii) using in-situ monitoring data to simulate non-destructive tests; (iv) predicting mechanical performance from in-situ monitoring data; and (v) learning from previous data and transferring that learning to new AM machines and materials.

The article notes:

“In a bid to better understand the impact of process parameters on material performance, the U.S. Navy turned to Senvol to develop data-driven machine learning software for Additive Manufacturing….Such an approach allows the user to overcome the time and expense required by a conventional trial-and-error process, whilst delivering remarkably accurate results that have the potential to accelerate application development.”

Allison Beese, Assistant Professor of Materials Science and Engineering and Mechanical Engineering at The Pennsylvania State University, and the school’s Principal Investigator on its work for Senvol’s STTR with the Navy, elaborated on the benefit of using Senvol ML to analyze in-situ monitoring data. Beese explained, “X-ray CT scans are relatively expensive to produce. By learning the relationships between in-situ monitoring data and X-ray CT scan data, the Navy may be able to reduce the amount of X-ray CT scanning that it does, which could lead to potentially significant cost savings.”

Senvol is currently running an Alpha program with a select group of companies that have been provided early access to the Senvol ML software’s capabilities. Any company or organization interested in joining the Alpha program is encouraged to contact Senvol directly.

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