Senvol Featured in Digital Engineering Article on Additive Manufacturing Material Science

Posted By Senvol on Jan 1, 2019

Framingham, MA – January 1, 2019 – Digital Engineering magazine, which is the primary destination for high-performance computing and simulation-based modeling information, published an article today titled “Weaving Materials into the Design Workflow.”

The article discusses the efforts among several organizations to advance materials science in the additive manufacturing (AM) industry. The article features Senvol, along with the Minerals, Metals & Materials Society (TMS), Granta Design, and the European Materials Modelling Council (EMMC).

Digital Engineering Senior Editor Kenneth Wong writes:

“Senvol [is] applying machine learning to identify and map out the complex relationships among these [AM] input and output values. When completed, the insights…will be distilled as an algorithm-driven AM analytics and customization software, deployable by enterprises that produce large-scale AM production runs involving multiple machines.”

Wong continues on Senvol ML – Senvol’s data-driven machine learning software for AM – and how the software may be utilized: “Armed with a deeper understanding of materials, AM system makers might tune the machine settings to achieve the desired stiffness or durability for a client. Similarly, materials providers might invent a specific type of material with a client’s desired parameters. And manufacturers using AM for high-volume production can use custom materials with specific machine settings to achieve the desired part characteristics (stiffness, flexibility, fatigue life or tensile strength).

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