Digital Engineering Highlights Senvol’s Machine Learning Software

Posted By Senvol on Mar 29, 2018

Framingham, MA – March 29, 2018 – Digital Engineering magazine, which is the primary destination for high-performance computing and simulation-based modeling information, published an article today titled “Senvol Analysis Software Reduces Trial and Error of Additive Manufacturing Processes.” The software, Senvol ML, analyzes the relationships between additive manufacturing (AM) process parameters and material performance.

Digital Engineering Contributing Editor Pamela J. Waterman writes:

“Senvol of New York City has become the go-to company for nitty-gritty data behind additive manufacturing…. Now in its second phase of funding from the U. S. Navy’s Office of Naval Research, the Senvol ML project is aimed at reducing the trial-and-error approach to defining AM material-process procedures.”

Waterman continues: “One of the many beauties of this software tool is the fact that the math behind the algorithm is material/machine/process agnostic…. The power of Senvol ML is that the algorithm has already ‘learned’ and continues to learn from previously input datasets.”

Lastly, Waterman concludes: “Senvol’s proprietary algorithm has been developed specifically for AM applications; it uses either empirical or simulated data and can be applied to any AM process, any AM machine and any AM material.”

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