ASTM Standardization News Highlights Senvol

Posted By Senvol on Nov 5, 2015

West Conshohocken, PA – November 5, 2015 – ASTM Standardization News, the all-encompassing magazine for well informed scientific and engineering professionals, recently featured an article on Senvol. The magazine is designed for professional engineers, scientists, and technicians whose expertise is in one of the many engineering and scientific specialities such as research or product development, quality control / assurance, design engineering or product engineering, manufacturing or production engineering, laboratory/testing, codes and standards.

Editor-in-Chief Maryann Gorman noted Senvol’s active involvement with ASTM’s Committee F42, which is focused on “providing ways to report data on test specimens [and] evaluate mechanical properties of metals made using AM [additive manufacturing].” Gorman went on to state that “ASTM standards will continue to play a role in helping companies like Senvol, Johnson Controls, GE and countless others.”

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