Additive Manufacturing Machine Pricing Now Publicly Available in Senvol Database

Posted By Senvol on Apr 7, 2015

New York, NY – April 7, 2015 – The Senvol Database, which is the first and most comprehensive 3D printing database for industrial additive manufacturing machines and materials, has expanded to include machine pricing information. In addition to being able to search by machine build size, material type, or material tensile strength, for example, users can now search by machine price as well.

“We’re very excited to announce the addition of pricing information to the Senvol Database,” Senvol President Zach Simkin said. “It was something that a lot of people in the industry had asked us for. We’re pleased to continue to provide more and more information – information that companies need in order to make informed decisions about implementing additive manufacturing into their supply chain.”


3D Printing Industry writer Andrew Wheeler recently weighed in on the Senvol Database’s progress, noting, “Senvol has responded to the attention by doing what makes [them] such a standout in the first place: they’ve added more information and clarity to the whole 3D printing industry.”

Senvol President Annie Wang commented, “We work in close collaboration with the machine manufacturers. The price ranges in the Senvol Database reflect the fact that specific machine pricing can vary by location and by distribution channel.”


The Senvol Database is online and free to access and currently contains detailed information on over 350 machines and 500 materials. Users are able to search the database by over 30 fields. For example, a user can search for a machine that is compatible with steel, has a build envelope of at least 6x6x6 inches, and is priced below $500,000.

Feedback from its global user community is instrumental in helping Senvol to continually expand and improve the Senvol Database. Anytime users have a comment, suggestion, or idea, they are encouraged to email

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