Senvol SOP

Standard operating procedure for generating pedigreed additive manufacturing data

Additive manufacturing data is complex and difficult. Senvol SOP ensures that your organization generates data that is pedigreed. Everywhere across your organization. Every time.

The Senvol SOP is a standard operating procedure that details how to generate pedigreed additive manufacturing data. The 100+ page manual is used by organizations to ensure that every data generation project – regardless of which employees are involved, where they are located, or which AM machines or materials are being used – follows a standard procedure.

When generating pedigreed data for additive manufacturing, examples of the complexities that need to be thought through include:

  • Planning what to fabricate
  • How many specimens
  • What tests to do
  • Specimen sizes
  • How to select appropriate vendors
  • How to capture all of the process variables
  • Which standards to use
  • What to do when industry standards don’t exist
  • Material handling
  • How to recycle material
  • Machine maintenance and calibration
  • How to appropriately post-process
  • How does post-processing affect planning (i.e. number of test specimens, build layouts, specimen sizes)

The Senvol SOP addresses the above complexities and provides the proper methods for collecting the information that is required to make your data pedigreed. The Senvol SOP covers topics such as:

  • Test plan procedures
  • Fabrication procedures
  • Cost estimation considerations procedures
  • Templates for fabrication, test and cost estimation
  • Standards to follow (i.e. some are industry standards, some are Senvol-developed standards)
  • Vendor selection processes (e.g. for fabricators, post-processing vendors, testing labs)
  • Parameter capture procedures (e.g. for feedstock characteristics, machine parameters, post-processing parameters)
  • Data development procedures (e.g. fabrication management, post-processing management, testing management)
  • Data collection and compilation procedures
  • Document management
  • Overall flowchart

By providing a detailed, consistent, and repeatable process for generating pedigreed additive manufacturing data, the Senvol SOP enables your organization to save money, save time, avoid mistakes, and document the entire process in a fully traceable manner.

To read about Oak Ridge National Lab’s use of the Senvol SOP, click here.

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