Office of Naval Research Awards STTR to Senvol

Posted By Senvol on Jul 8, 2016

Arlington, VA –July 8, 2016 – Earlier today the Office of Naval Research announced that it awarded an STTR to Senvol. The STTR project, titled “ICME Approach to Additive Manufacturing for Stainless Steel (316L),” is aimed at developing predictive capabilities that will assist in qualification of metal part quality and performance as a function of AM processing and material parameters. Senvol will be leading a team that also includes Thornton Tomasetti and Lehigh University.

Due to the complexity and scale of the ICME development, Phase I of the STTR will focus on developing the data-driven predictive analysis using the Senvol Indexes™ to analyze the effects of over 75 different inputs on the fatigue performance and microstructure of additive components. As a data company, Senvol is exclusively focused on developing, analyzing and reporting data for industrial additive manufacturing. The Senvol Indexes™ are the first and only commercially available pedigreed datasets for AM materials characterization. Senvol’s products and services have been used by a variety of Fortune 500 companies and government agencies in industries such as aerospace, oil & gas, consumer products and automotive.

Lehigh University’s Center for Advanced Materials and Nanotechnology (CAMN) has a rich history of materials characterization, and is well poised to analyze the links between feedstock characteristics, process parameters, microstructure, and properties.

Thornton Tomasetti, through its Weidlinger Applied Science (WAS) practice, has over 65 years of experience in developing high-fidelity, physics-based simulations, data analysis, uncertainty quantification, and predictive capabilities.

Together, the Senvol-Lehigh-WAS team will develop ICME capabilities to be incorporated in a probabilistic lifetime reliability framework to enable qualification of metal additive parts.

According to the United States Government, STTR’s serve the federal innovation research and development (R&D) arena and exist to bridge the gap between performance of basic science and commercialization of resulting innovations.

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